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Aug 22, 2013 5:30pm EDT
.s. ambassador to bahrain. there are two schools of thought about what america should do on egypt. one of them is to stand up and back these protests, and the other is to hold our cards close to our chest because we don't know what will happen. >> the united states should exercise strategic patients. people in the united states are troubled by what they see on violence, and by this however, this is a process that will take a long time to play out. we should hold our fire and encourage the egyptian government to work through state institutions and to support those institutions. to not take steps to undermine them and limit the ability to work through these issues. moment,uggest at the the best course is stability even with the control of the military. >> i don't see that as the choice. but the military has a role to play. this is a pillar of the egyptian state. with the judiciary and the legislature. mohamed morsi neutered the judiciary and the legislative, leaving the military. the choice is between the big states and. it is in our interest and the interest of the friends of egypt to support t
Aug 16, 2013 5:30pm EDT
news. anger a year after those miners were shot dead and you're watching bbc world news america. still to come on the program, drones are fundamentally altering the nation of ash nature of combat. ash nature of combat. -- the nature of combat. ecuador isnt of authorizing an expiration in a pristine part of the amazon rain forest. protesters angered by the news gathered in front of the presidential palace to register their discontent. the president says the fault lies with rich nations who reneged on a promise is. our correspondent reports. >> this part of the amazon literally teems with life. a single hectare of the rain forests in netware -- and ecuador contains more tree species than all of north america. it is home to indigenous tribes who shun modern development. .hey may have little choice now this area also sits on top of 20% of ecuador's oil reserves, worth more than $7 billion. the country's president says he has no choice but to cancel a pledge not to drill. sadness, but also with absolute responsibility to our people and history, i have had to take one of the hardest decision
Aug 23, 2013 5:30pm EDT
photographer has spent the last 30 years traveling across america to discover how dr. king is portrayed by artists on the street. this is what he found. >> the images bear witness to their tremendous resilience and tremendous popularity of dr. king. while some of the other figures may fall down the wayside. martin luther king is always present. you had martin luther king very often with nelson mandela and with malcolm x. that was very common in the 90's. in los angeles, the company kept company with people like poncho via or cesar chavez. the first thing was the most amazing one, that was in los angeles and that had to do with martin luther king being painted by a commercial painter, sign painters that had actually never painted a black person before. there were also latinos. sometimes, you could only recognize them because they .rote mlk sometimes i would have to knock on the door of the place and say, who is that on the mural. they would say, that is martin is working. 2009,d that closer to obama begins to appear in the picture. in one picture you have malcolm , andrtin luther king ma
Aug 19, 2013 5:30pm EDT
out, paving the way for the shot to take power. the coup was orchestrated by britain and america. for the first time, the u.s. intelligence community has released documents proving the cia rule -- role in this overthrow. november, 1979. a group of iranian students stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran, taking its staff hostage. these young supporters of ayatollah khomeini did not want history to repeat itself. >> part of the rationale of the students who did that is they were worried that there would be in 1953, andlike they wanted to preempt that. 1953, ciasummer of operatives acted to topple the democratically elected prime minister. failure to resolve the crisis over the oil industry. these historic events shaped the way up both countries -- the way both countries see each other. different ideas of separate episodes as the beginnings of the trouble between our countries. actually,ct is that one is a product of the other. the hostage crisis, although we did not realize it at the time, was a delayed reaction to the 1953 coup. years after the coup, the election of a moderate iranian
Aug 20, 2013 5:30pm EDT
of security in their country. >> the repercussions of america's drone program. now to a country that was once called the next china because of its huge economic potential. with a large population, strategic location, and date -- and apparently seamless transition from communism, vietnam held great expectations. for the past two decades it held up to those expectations with a spectacular financial boom. but now it is faltering. we have traveled there to find out why. half an bay in vietnam, and the unesco world heritage site of more than 2000 islands. it is what makes this a leading tourist destination and this man a billionaire. it has slowly introduce capitalism into a communist system. although he and some others have gotten rich, he warns the country is in danger of crisis because of the lagging reforms of the state owned firms. vietnamesethe politicians should face it to squarely. things are inefficient and ineffective. ell the properties except -- and accept necessary losses and create a new country. >> co-chairmen, the country's capital, has -- ochi man, the country's capital, has seen
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5